Wind in the Willows – in rehearsal

Year 6 have just finished performing their 4 show run of ‘Wind in the Willows’.  There were two performances in school for children from Nursery to Year 5 and two for families.  The entire production took just under two weeks from first rehearsal to first performance.  Year 6 children made scenery, and our backstage crew worked as stagehands and lighting, sound and electronic backdrop operators.  Year 6 children also designed the tickets and programmes.

Here our some of our ‘In rehearsal’ pictures.

We started with scripts and ‘blocked’ the show so that everyone knew where to stand and their entrances and exits.

Children also spent lunchtimes, practising and perfecting face painting ready for performances!

Then we were finally ‘off book’ (no scripts) and it all began to come together. We did a dress rehearsal in full costume and began working with props.

Year Five experience expert tuition in Gymnastics

Year Fives have very much enjoyed our sporting visitors, who have been able to inspire the children with their gymnastics.

The pupils were encouraged to make shapes while jumping!

Here the pupils were asked to make letters and numbers using their bodies only. As you can see they worked well together.

Warming up was fun with various games to get the pupils to work as a team.

St Leonards Parade

We took part in the St Leonards Festival Parade on Saturday June 30th. We had fantastic weather, great drumming, and the children (and adults) really enjoyed showing off the dragonflies that they had made. The parade was aimed at raising aspirations and flying high. The pictures speak for themselves!

Year 5 and 6 Sports Day

We chose Wednesday 27th June for our Year 5 and 6 Sports Day.  It started overcast and with a chill in the air but ended with clear blue skies, glorious sunshine and was really rather hot!

As a phase, we take part in 6 events: 40m sprint, endurance shuttle run, shot putt, discus, long jump and triple jump.

Children have been practising in PE lessons and improving their ‘Personal Bests’. In the selection of photos below, you will see some of the children competing, as well as some of our adults and Year 3 and 4 helpers!

Many children managed to beat their PBs on the day, earning them bonus points in that event.  Points are being added up and sports day winners will be announced at the sports awards at the end of term.

Road Safety campaign

We have been working with a company called NSL in assessing our safety needs and planning how to address them. It became clear that we have a number of drivers who drop off/park on the zig-zag yellow lines outside our Woodland Vale Road entrance.

In order to raise awareness that this zone is not for cars during drop off and pick up times, pupils have produced portraits to remind adults that it is children’s safety that is the issue here.

Additionally, if drivers persistently stop on the zig-zag lines, the following website can be contacted in order to report such action.

We have also been able to recruit an additional crossing patrol for the top of London Road. This means that from September we will have 2 manned points of crossing.

We sincerely hope that these measures will go some way in making our children’s entrance to and exit from school safer.