Black History Month and visitors from Sierra Leone

To celebrate the work that children have been doing for Black History Month an assembly was held celebrating the lives of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela. We also welcomed Mr Kamara, the Headteacher from our link school, Kankalay, in Hastings, Sierra Leone. The children were introduced to some typical fruits and vegetables from the country and enjoyed sharing their knowledge of them too.
In the evening Christ Church hosted a party for all the visitors and co-ordinators that had visited a number of schools across the town during the week. We were also joined by members of the Sierra Leone community in London and Essex, who brought lots of amazing food. A wide variety of music was on offer, as well as dancing and singing. We look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

Sports Awards

On Thursday 19th July 2018, we held our annual Sports Awards presentation.  Here are a selection of photos of our medal winners. The following children all received the highest points on Sports Day for their gender and year group:

As well as receiving Y5 girls’ winner for Sports Day, Madison also was awarded the girls’ football trophy:

Here’s our boys’ football trophy holder:

Table Tennis:



Cross country:


Most improved boy and girl from Year 6:

The Read Cup (Lady in Sport) – Lily also holds new school records for Long Jump and Triple Jump and Rafferty Cup (Gentleman in Sport):

And this year’s House winners were:

KS1 – Francis (green)                         KS2 – Theresa (blue)

Drama in Year Five!

In Term Five we responded to the story from the poem The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. The children enjoyed recreating dramatic scenes from the story. They worked very well collaboratively and were able
then to go on to some good writing



Year Five experience expert tuition in Gymnastics

Year Fives have very much enjoyed our sporting visitors, who have been able to inspire the children with their gymnastics.

The pupils were encouraged to make shapes while jumping!

Here the pupils were asked to make letters and numbers using their bodies only. As you can see they worked well together.

Warming up was fun with various games to get the pupils to work as a team.

Diversity week in Nursery

The children in our Nursery have been learning about Great Britain. We looked at the colours of the flag and made red, blue and white bunting; learned about the famous sights in London, made London buses and baked scones. The best part of the week was to eat the scones with jam and strawberries!



Learning to write a précis

Year 6 have been learning to write a précis. First, they had to choose a book.


Then, they had to count the words! A précis is a summary and is approximately a third of the length of the original text.  Children therefore had to calculate how many words they would need to write.

Then, they were ready to have a go. Some chose to write and others chose to type.  Some chose to work on their own and others chose to work in a group.  They needed to write in their own style rather than copy the original.  A précis uses the past tense, third person and reported speech.  Some found it easier than others!