3ZJ trip to the Jerwood Gallery.

Last week we visited the Jerwood Gallery as part of the ‘Pearls of the Sea’ project, guided by artist Ed Boxall. Inspiration has come from nonsense poetry such as that of Edward Lear. Within the environment of the galleries, surrounded by the latest exhibitions from Quentin Blake (illustrator) and John Carter (sculptor) as well as the Jerwood collection, the children created and collected nonsense vocabulary. After this they created lines of poetry which will eventually be made into a collaborative poem and book. Every child was creative and engaged with the process. Their imagination flew and great poetry was made! The class are very excited for Ed to visit in class this morning!

Finally, I would personally like to thank every parent and staff member who came along for the trip we could not have done it without you (especially after my ankle injury). The children were fantastic and I am immensely proud of them for representing the school so beautifully.