Awards Friday 18th September 2020

Each week children from each class will be presented with either a Teachers Award or a Spellers Award for that week.  We would normally celebrate this in school during an assembly but due to the guidelines we have to follow this is currently not possible.  So another way we are celebrating these achievements are to post them on to our website.  We hope you enjoy and are as proud as we are of these children.


Congratulations to: Arpan, Lucy, Navamanisha and Samson



Maddi, Leah-Louise, Noah, Emma and Angelina


Jaxon, Charlotte, Bao Yi, Irsla, Fariha and Cohen

Opal Class Park Trip

Here are some photos of the children working hard: they turned themselves upside down to help work out the heights of trees, did some leaf spotting and leaf measuring and some leaf or bark rubbings! The children will now be able to make informed comparisons between native British trees and the trees in the Amazon rainforest.