Recognising numbers game

A Maths challenge. In school we focus a lot on recognising numbers. This is an example of a table top activity that we might have out. Unfortunately I did not have any exciting cars at home to do this with so have improvised with some shoes!! I have attached a photo of how you might set up a car park with the numbers please click through the pictures to see this.

Press this link to watch a video demonstrating this – Recognising numbers









Reading strategies

I have filmed a video demonstrating how we teach reading at school. I have focused on the teaching of tricky words (words we cannot sound out) and blending sounds. I have used the website bug club to access a phonics book, please ask your child’s class teacher if you do not have access to bug club.

Counting at home

Healthy snack

Whilst your child is working from home there are lots of opportunities where they could practise their counting. I’ve made myself a health snack and have recorded a video demonstrating how we teach counting out at school. I am using the terminology one more and one less when adding to the number sentence. We say that we want to find how many there are altogether, when finding the total.

Food is a great resource to use when teaching counting, as it makes it a bit more exciting and feel a little less like learning (it may also help any fussy eaters try some new foods!)


Phonics Recap

Why not have a go at the game clap, clap, turn around. You can use this video with your child or to become familiar with the rhyme. Hold up the sound while your child claps twice and spins around before calling it out. Remember the rhyme- “Clap, Clap, turn around, I’ll show you the letter, you tell me the sound.”



Helicopter Stories at Home

We love using Helicopter Stories to use our imaginations to make up our own stories! Follow the link for more information on how to access this approach at home-


Watch these videos for some examples of other children’s stories!


Aldi Team GB recipe competition




Aldi have launched an exciting new competition, which I have entered our school into. We need to design recipes that are inspired by Team GB. Your recipe can be for any dish (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert), but it must include features that are listed on the checklist, such as two fruits or vegetables.

If you would like to take part, have a look through the PowerPoint that I have attached and the overview sheet before designing your recipe on the template.

Please send your finished recipes to myself ( or your class teacher, by 8.2.21.

Good luck!