Year 3 Wedding

In RE we have been exploring covenants and promises. Looking at the story of Noah and the promise God made with Noah to never flood the lands again .We have been exploring the symbol of a promise and thinking about the promises we make in our own lives. To finish off our learning we learnt about the promises made in a wedding by having a mock wedding with Father Nick. Thank you for all the support families and staff gave,without which we would not have been able to have such a fantastic time.



‘Forest School Fun’ Term 1

During term 1 groups from years 3 to 6 have enjoyed several ‘Forest School’ sessions. The children have been busy planting fruit bushes,learning how to light fires safely,whittling and using a bow saw.

They have also transferred their math knowledge that they have learnt in class. Partitioning using natural resources. The final session included toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate.

But most of all they have just enjoyed playing in the mud and getting dirty!!

Forest School Visitor

Forest School Thursday 27th June

The session began with a talk from Paula Roberts, a local Bee Keeper. The children learned about how important bees are to our environment, about the different types of bees we might find in our woods and gardens and which plants we can plant in our gardens to attract them. She also brought along lots of different objects for the children to touch, taste and smell. The remainder of the morning was spent on the Nature Trail making honeysuckle head dresses, den building and exploring.