Act Fast First Aid Challenge

What with currently spending more time at home what a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and learn how to save lives.

Act Fast First Aid is offering this 5-Day Challenge free of charge for you and your child / children to complete at home.

The course booklet is available here 5 Day Act Fast Challenge for Families

There are also videos available for you to watch on YouTube..
YouTube Act Fast First Aid

If you are on Twitter you can also follow First Aid in Schools by searching @AidSchools, they would love to hear how you are getting on.

Funky Foods Term 4

This term in Funky Foods the children have been looking at packaging and advertising. They have explored the different types of packing available and the impact this has on the environment and the KS2 children have looked at the tricks the media uses when selling us products.

Alongside this they have looked into where our food comes from and how it is grown. With Year 5 visiting the Bohemia Walled Garden to plant for vegetables and herbs.


Year 1 created some delicious Rainbow Fruit Kebabs and a still lemonade


Year 2 made fruit smoothies and sandwich biscuits


Year 3 created a chickpea curry


Year 4 made Vegetable Kebabs with Halloumi cheese

Year 5 made a Tudor Pottage and Bread Rolls

Year 6 created an Egyptian Feast with Aubergine

World Book Day 2020 in Coral

Here are Coral class’s World Book Day costumes for this year. The children loved wearing their costumes and talking about their favourite books with their classmates!



Year 4 visit to Hastings Mosque

On Monday 10th February, year 4 visited Hastings Mosque as part of our RE learning for this term about Islam. The Imam made us very welcome and talked to us about Ramadan and what Muslims do during the month. He also answered our questions about the Qur’an and the ways that Muslims pray.

As we were leaving, we were given a set of English translated Qur’ans to keep in school and a very interesting book about the life of Muhammad, which is used by the Muslim children who attend Sunday School at the Mosque.



Year 4 Saxon Day

On Monday 27th January, Year 4 had a very exciting visitor. An Anglo-Saxon called Aethelwulf came to Christ Church, bringing with him a huge array of Saxon artifacts.

The children had the opportunity to try on Saxon clothing, grind flour, pick up a full sized chain mail shirt (which was SO heavy!) as well as choosing a Saxon name and job for themselves.

We all had an amazing day and can’t wait to learn even more about the Saxons between now and the end of term!


Coral’s Fantastic Finish.

On Tuesday 17th December 2019, parents of children in Coral class came in to school to complete a task with their children. The task was to make a model boat out of recyclable materials, The boat had to be strong enough to hold a dictionary and a soft toy bear.

As you can see from the pictures below, the children had a great time working with their parents on the model.


As for the bear… he got a little soggy.



Riley, Kleo and Renne with a successful boat.

Renne makes some alterations, as Toby watches on.

Jannah sets sail.

Lewis prepares the Teddy for its voyage

Melanie and Lily-May prepare to set sail…

And succeed!

Lola and Dad ready their boat for the ocean.

Will Fiona and Noah’s boat float?

A successful vessel.

Lily-May is ever so proud of her boat.

Something about his boat is confusing Noah…

Toby and Mum make some last minute adjustments.

Emmanuel celebrates a safe and successful voyage.