Tudor Foods with Year 5

The Year 5’s are looking at life during the Tudor period. For Funky Foods we looked at the difference in diets between the very rich and the poor. The children explored the various meals that the Tudors cooked, and learnt about King Henry VIII and the 1000 meals made at Hampton Court Palace every single day.

They prepared and cooked a peasants meal of Vegetable Pottage made from seasonal vegetables, pearl barley and herbs. To go alongside this meal they made wholemeal bread rolls.

Year 5 ‘Wattle and Daub’.

Our first Forest School sessions of the new year have been very muddy! Year 5 are learning about the Tudors this term.

They used mud and straw to make daub to apply to the wattle fence.

Pearl’s Godly Play

In term 2 we have done another the Godly Play. The story was Jonah and the fish. It was in the old testament and we acted it out with wooden figures. At the start of the story, Jonah really loved God but he had to go to a town called Nineva. He didn’t want to because he was scared so he jumped on a ship and they sailed off to the sea. But then there was a storm and the men on the ship cried out. Someone had disobeyed God so Jonah said to the sailors on the ship, ”Throw me off and then the storm will go away.” So they threw him off the ship. But then a big fish swallowed him and Jonah was in the fishes tummy for 3 days.  The fish felt very sick so he was sick and soon Jonah was back on land.  God made a palm tree to grow and give Jonah shade. But he disobeyed God but then he sent a worm to go and rot the tree. Then Jonah got angry because the tree did not grow again. Then God asked Jonah ,” Why didn’t you water the tree? It would have given you some more shade.” But then Jonah got up and went to the town of Ninevah to tell all the people who have been horrible and tell them to stop fighting. Then they listened to Jonah’s words and they obeyed him. But Jonah still wasn’t happy because he wanted it to go his own way. Then God asked Jonah why he was sad and Jonah sighed, ”because I wanted it go my own way.”

We have learnt that even people chosen by God can find things difficult.  We linked this to our learning dispositions of perseverance and self control.

Written by Lenny, Rodion and Ezra



In RE, we were thinking about different journeys we have been on and want to go on . We had to put  coloured rice in the jars that represent different journeys. We were focussing on a type of journey which is called a pilgrimage . In this session, we used a learning disposition which was reflection. We had to write what each journey was unless we didn’t want to share it. We needed to think of some duty, pleasure, belief and respect journeys. At the end, we shared some of our journeys with the class. The coloured rice helped us remember the separate journeys that we chose. While we were thinking about the journeys, we  thought which colour represented them best. We finished by thinking about which type of journey was most important for us.

Written by Alice, Thivya and Violet



Kebabs with year 5

Today in Funky Foods the Year 5 children made vegetable kebabs. They chopped the various ingredients, including onions, peppers, mushrooms and halloumi cheese using bridge and claw grips. They made courgette ribbons and threaded the ingredients onto wooden skewers.

They even cleaned up after themselves taking it in turns to wash down the tables.

Once grilled, they had a chance to try their kebabs with some flatbreads. The kebabs were a hit!!

Globetrotters Stunning Starter

This term, we will be looking at the continent of Africa in our Learning Adventure. As part of our stunning starter, we looked at unidentified wooden items from Sierra Leone and had to suggest ideas about what they could tell us about that country. Another activity was to look at letters written to our school from children in Sierra Leone – we thought that they were very artistic! We also showed what we already know about continents by labelling and sticking them to a blue balloon to represent the globe. One of the activities was to investigate using an atlas. To link with our wider theme of Globetrotters, we were challenged to learn how to say hello in as many different languages as possible.  We noticed that some languages have a very similar way of saying hello. At another table, we looked at photographs and were asked to say which were of Africa – at the end we discovered that they were all of Africa. Finally, we had an opportunity to share the connections that we have with other places around the world and where we would like to visit in the future.

Written by Pearl Class

RE Certificates for Term 1

Classes have been working hard right across the school in RE during term 1.  Here are some of the ways that we have been learning.

Class teachers have nominated pupils who have shown super effort and enthusiasm throughout the term.  Congratulations to everyone who has earned a RE certificate for term 1!


Amber and Emerald talked about why God is important to Christians and drew their own representations of God.

Certificates: Olivia Igbineweka, Ana-Maria Gaman, Yara Mustafa, Ella Dipple, Gabriel Taylor, Leonidas Kotziamanis

Year 1

Jet and Moonstone started their learning by visiting the nature trail. They said that being outside made them happy because it is calm and there are lots of things to see and touch.  They made the link that God created the world and Christians are thankful to him for this.

Certificates: Kit Watson, Joseph Donoghue, Amiyah Jenner, Land Ali

Year 2

Peridot and Garnet have been learning about the good news Jesus brings through the stories of ‘The Prodigal Son’ and ‘Matthew the Tax Collector’.

Certificates: Alexsandr Bruzas, Sofia Darby, George Lock, Daisy Martin, Mohammed Sadullah ,Amalia Wells, Frankie Edwards, Callie Harper, Ioachim Gaman, Otto Gadd

Year 3

Amethyst and Jade have been exploring what a covenant is through the story of Noah. They made links to the promises made at wedding by acting out a wedding with the help of Fr Nick.

Certificates: Kitty Harris, James Coleman Cross, Navamanisha Nirmalan, Pearl Coram, Steven Leich


Year 4

Coral and Topaz have been making links between the story of Noah and how we live in school and the wider world.

Certificates: Lily-May McHenry, Soheil Samadi,  Fiona Mustafa, Rubi Carman-Smith, Jannah Mohammed, Lola Liddle, Emma Cooper, Rebecca Martin, Oasis Ncube, Betsey-Rose Selley, Scott Richards, Stacey Miller, Nikki Vitolina, Paula Brizga,  Erin Watson

Year 5

Pearl and Ruby used Godly Play to inspire them to think about how Christian beliefs about God being holy and loving can make a difference in the world today.   They created their own ‘Ten Best Ways’ for living.


Alice Darby, Thivya Thivakaran, Jaxon Cole, Tia-Louise Gannon, Matthew Rayner, Awlad Meraj, Amy Day, Laila Osmond

Year 6

Opal, Sapphire and Diamond explored ideas about whether Creation and Science are conflicting or complementary.

Certificates: Maddie Rosewell, Tommy Peters, Harry Malone, Reggie Rosewell, Leo Matassa, Summer McHenry, Chloe Ansell, Angel Ward, Briony Wright, Joel Zachariah, Vitalijs Sveds, Flori Harris, Libby Fairless, Robin Price, Rida Jaffari