Clay Animals – final photos

Having painted and glazed our clay animals, we took them with us to our Forest School to photograph them in the wild!

Kelsey’s snake

Meerkat friends by Amy and Ophelia

Mythical griffins by Alice and Sarah

Marwa’s monkey

Laila’s Koala

Aleksandra’s owl

Matvejs’ crocodile


Lochlan’s crocodile

Clay Animals Part 1

In school, we have been exploring how texture can be shown on clay sculptures.  We began by looking at close up photos of feathers, fur, skin or scales of different creatures and making notes about what made the textures.

The next step was to try out different tools and techniques on a flat piece of clay to recreate these textures.

We rolled the clay into a rough sphere and then pressed down until we had a flat tile about a centimeter thick.

We used a combination of tools designed for working with clay, our fingers and improvised tools too.

We found that we needed to cut, press, smooth and indent to create all the effects that we wanted to recreate.

Our next step is going to be to let them dry and try out different paint effects.

Nature Letter Art

We have used some natural materials to collage our initials during Forest School time this week.

Exploring Creation on our Forest School

In school, we have listened to the Godly Play story of Creation and responded during our time on the Forest School area.

Inspired by the line, ‘God said it was good’.

Kelsey found a leaf that was half yellow and half black to represent the day that God made day and night.

Amy and Ophelia recreated the cross that the story talks about for day seven.


Laila, Sarah and Matvejs chose to recreate the story tile showing the creation of day and night.

Alice and Marwa used both sides of this fence, in shade and sun, to represent day and night.


Look in the Curriculum/RE tab on the front page of our website to find a video of the story and some ideas that you could try at home.

Ideas for activities at home

Here are some interactive, free resources that you might like to try with your family.

The Bible App for Kids

This app offers animated stories, games and activities and is free to download on android, apple and kindle.  

Families can use the parent section of the website to find more free resources like colouring sheets, adventure books and parent guides.


Family Prayer Adventure Map

This website has a fantastic interactive, augmented reality prayer adventure map that you use with a smart phone or tablet.  The map is free to download, and there is a video to explain how it works. Just follow the link to start your adventure!


Year 5 in school

Year 5 have begun a Maths project based around creating our own zoos.  We have begun by using protractors to measure and draw precise shapes to design our logos in.


In our forest school area, we have been creating leaf mobiles.  They needed a lot of patience and perseverance!