Act Fast First Aid Challenge

What with currently spending more time at home what a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and learn how to save lives.

Act Fast First Aid is offering this 5-Day Challenge free of charge for you and your child / children to complete at home.

The course booklet is available here 5 Day Act Fast Challenge for Families

There are also videos available for you to watch on YouTube..
YouTube Act Fast First Aid

If you are on Twitter you can also follow First Aid in Schools by searching @AidSchools, they would love to hear how you are getting on.

Funky Foods Term 4

This term in Funky Foods the children have been looking at packaging and advertising. They have explored the different types of packing available and the impact this has on the environment and the KS2 children have looked at the tricks the media uses when selling us products.

Alongside this they have looked into where our food comes from and how it is grown. With Year 5 visiting the Bohemia Walled Garden to plant for vegetables and herbs.


Year 1 created some delicious Rainbow Fruit Kebabs and a still lemonade


Year 2 made fruit smoothies and sandwich biscuits


Year 3 created a chickpea curry


Year 4 made Vegetable Kebabs with Halloumi cheese

Year 5 made a Tudor Pottage and Bread Rolls

Year 6 created an Egyptian Feast with Aubergine

Year 5 Funky Foods

Last week during Funky Foods the Year 5 children visited the Bohemia Walled Garden to plant some vegetables and herbs. We planted Onions, Asparagus, Garlic, Lettuce, Chives, Parsley and Mint. These are now growing alongside the Rhubarb, Rosemary, Strawberries and Beans.

They had great fun exploring the garden, digging up worms and trying to identify the various things growing there.

We hope to return later in the year to see how things are growing and possibly use them in some of our Funky Foods cooking lessons.


Tudor Pottage with Year 5

The Year 5’s had great fun creating a Tudor dish of Pottage and bread rolls. They showed some fantastic peeling and cutting skills, and enjoyed working together to create this dish.

Although none of the children thought it looked particularly appetising, a large number of them were surprised with the taste. The bread rolls were, as always, a big hit.

Tudor Foods with Year 5

The Year 5’s are looking at life during the Tudor period. For Funky Foods we looked at the difference in diets between the very rich and the poor. The children explored the various meals that the Tudors cooked, and learnt about King Henry VIII and the 1000 meals made at Hampton Court Palace every single day.

They prepared and cooked a peasants meal of Vegetable Pottage made from seasonal vegetables, pearl barley and herbs. To go alongside this meal they made wholemeal bread rolls.

Year 5 ‘Wattle and Daub’.

Our first Forest School sessions of the new year have been very muddy! Year 5 are learning about the Tudors this term.

They used mud and straw to make daub to apply to the wattle fence.