Opal Class Computing at Hastings Museum

Opal Class have just had their first Computing lesson for this term at the museum.  The children made ‘Milo the Science Rover’ and programmed him to move, change the colour of his light and play music.  Most groups added a motion sensor and some even got as far as collaborating with another group to join their Milo Rovers together!  We can’t wait for next week’s lesson!

Opal Class Science TASC day

Our fantastic finish for Term 1 was to complete a Science TASC day, during which the children had to design and construct an environment that would keep a Venus fly trap alive!  Here are some of the children (and visiting parents) at the initial planning stages:

The children then chose their best design and made them:

Here are some of the finished designs:

After lunch, the children were asked to evaluate their design and then explain to children from other groups how their design works and their design choices.  Here are some photos of the children during the communicate stage of the TASC:

Here is one of the groups’ finished TASC wheels:

This design was the runner up for Opal class:

And here’s the winning design:

‘Forest School Fun’ Term 1

During term 1 groups from years 3 to 6 have enjoyed several ‘Forest School’ sessions. The children have been busy planting fruit bushes,learning how to light fires safely,whittling and using a bow saw.

They have also transferred their math knowledge that they have learnt in class. Partitioning using natural resources. The final session included toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate.

But most of all they have just enjoyed playing in the mud and getting dirty!!

Empanadas and Guacamole

In their final Funky Foods lesson today the Year 6 children have made Baked Vegetable Empanadas and Guacamole. They used a variety of skills including – dicing, cutting, grating, mincing, mashing and juicing. Every child made their own Empanada by filling shortcrust pastry and shaping them, closing the edges by pinching to seal the pastry case.

Once they had cleaned the work area themselves, they were able to taste their creations and analyse the appearance, taste, texture and smell. They then thought about any changes and flavours they would like to try. Ideas varied from chicken curry to banana and nutella.

The recipes will be sent home with the children tomorrow.



Year 6 Funky Foods

Today in Funky Foods Opal class looked at the importance of eating a healthy breakfast. They were tasked with using an online supermarket website to search for – and budget – a breakfast plan to feed a family of four for 5 days. They were given £8 to complete their task and had to include a main (cereal/toast/eggs etc), a drink (juices/milk/water) and a piece of fruit or a yoghurt. They found the task interesting and were shocked at how difficult it can be to budget sensibly.

They then had the chance to measure and weigh a suggested portion of cereal and compare this to their usual amounts at home.

They are very excited for next lesson where they will be making vegetable empanadas and guacamole.