Awards Friday 18th September 2020

Each week children from each class will be presented with either a Teachers Award or a Spellers Award for that week.  We would normally celebrate this in school during an assembly but due to the guidelines we have to follow this is currently not possible.  So another way we are celebrating these achievements are to post them on to our website.  We hope you enjoy and are as proud as we are of these children.


Congratulations to: Arpan, Lucy, Navamanisha and Samson



Maddi, Leah-Louise, Noah, Emma and Angelina


Jaxon, Charlotte, Bao Yi, Irsla, Fariha and Cohen

Sports and Music Awards 2020

Here are photos of some of this year’s winners.  Unfortunately, not all our winners are back in school due to COVID 19, but their medals will be delivered!

Table Tennis


Cross Country


The Read Cup – Lady in Sport

Most Improved Boy

Most Improved Girl

Year 6 Boy Sports Day Winner

Year 6 Girl Sports Day Winner

Boy’s Standing Jump Record Holder

Girl’s Standing Jump Record Holder

The KS2 winning team this year was Teresa House

Music award

Singing award

Thank you so much to you, the children and other staff at  Christ Church Primary Academy for participating in the BBC Symphony Orchestra Connecting the Dots workshops with our players yesterday and today.  Special thanks to Russell and Amanda for sorting out the technology.  We’ve had a wonderful time and really enjoyed meeting you and the various classes.  We especially loved the creative thoughts that came from the children and Alex and I will definitely remember the Kangaroo in a Lamborghini and the Frog on a BMX.  Can you remind us which animal it was on the submarine; my sound cut out briefly so I didn’t catch that one!

So that we can continue to improve these workshops in the future, we would very much appreciate it if you could find time to complete our short survey:

As promised, a few more links that you might find interesting.  Lucica, who led the workshop with Martha’s class has made a video of her performing with some of her young students which you might be interested in:

As Peter and Shirley explained, due to the constraints of Zoom it’s not possible for them to play together over that medium, but here is a short piece that they have put together with our regular guest pianist, Liz Burley, whilst they have been in isolation:

You can also find music that the BBC Symphony Orchestra has been putting together in lockdown and meet a few more of our players here:

Finally, as Alex mentioned, the Proms will be a little different this year, but you will be able to watch us in the First Night of the Proms which will be broadcast on BBC4 on 17 July:

Year 6 Sculptural Music Response

Year 6 has been working through the BBC ’10 pieces at home’ website this term.

Today, we listened to Anna Clyne’s Night Ferry and responded to the music through art.  Here are some of our interpretations:

We’ve also been lucky enough to have workshops for each class ‘bubble’ organised by BBC music through Zoom with professional musicians.  Today we had workshops from a cellist, violinist and a viola player.  Tomorrow’s workshops are with a percussionist and an oboe/cor anglais player!