Town Explores a Book – Time Machine.

Some children across the Academy had the opportunity to work alongside ceramic artist Emma Harding.  The children painted and made transfers of their challenges and their achievements on hexagonal tiles. A very hectic three sessions where over 45 tiles were decorated.

The tiles will make an installation of a ‘Challenge Tunnel’ which will be woven together with willow and displayed in Gensing Gardens. Once the tunnel is dismantled the tiles will return to the academy to be displayed.

The exhibition runs through April, please take time to go and have a look for yourself. 




Christ Church Art and Crafts Corner.

In Term 4 the Arts Ambassadors and I were busy moving into the room off from the large hall. The children named the room ‘Christ Church Arts and Crafts Corner’.

The room has been open to children in Term 4, where children were given the opportunity to create a picture depicting ‘Happiness’. The children had the option of paying to enter a competition at Hastings Museum with their picture. Three of our children were short listed, Amelia in Year 2, Violet and Nobenkosi in Year 4.


These children are our ambassadors:


Discovery Arts Award.

The children invited their parents to attend the Museum so they could show off their sculptures and acting they had learnt over the term with Charlotte Moon and Kevin Graal.

The children were presented with certificates for taking part in Discovery Arts Award.



Town Explores a Book with Emma Harding.

A mixture of children from different year groups were able to work alongside Emma Harding, a ceramic artist.  The children made tiles, which will be fired and then displayed as a shelter in Gensing Gardens.  This was inspired by Daniel Defoe’s book, Robinson Crusoe.  Look out for all the other activities happening around St. Leonards over the holiday too.