Coral’s Fantastic Finish.

On Tuesday 17th December 2019, parents of children in Coral class came in to school to complete a task with their children. The task was to make a model boat out of recyclable materials, The boat had to be strong enough to hold a dictionary and a soft toy bear.

As you can see from the pictures below, the children had a great time working with their parents on the model.


As for the bear… he got a little soggy.



Riley, Kleo and Renne with a successful boat.

Renne makes some alterations, as Toby watches on.

Jannah sets sail.

Lewis prepares the Teddy for its voyage

Melanie and Lily-May prepare to set sail…

And succeed!

Lola and Dad ready their boat for the ocean.

Will Fiona and Noah’s boat float?

A successful vessel.

Lily-May is ever so proud of her boat.

Something about his boat is confusing Noah…

Toby and Mum make some last minute adjustments.

Emmanuel celebrates a safe and successful voyage.