Coronavirus update 23.3.2020 – A Message from Mrs Singh and Mr Thorne – Home Learning

A Message from Mrs Singh and Mr Thorne

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope this finds you and your family well.

We wanted to let you know our current arrangements for Home Learning which has been planned to provide our pupils, who are at home, the opportunity to complete some of what they would have covered in school.

We are aware that many of us are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and under pressure by everything that’s happening. We do not wish to add to this pressure, rather we wish to set some regular tasks to engage your children and make sure they don’t miss the opportunities their hard working teachers had already planned for them.

Our teaching staff are all very dedicated and all wish to remain in regular contact with their classes. They miss them already! They want to set their children engaging tasks so they continue to enjoy their learning and feed their natural curiosity as much possible. Please remind them about our learning dispositions: collaboration, making connections, persistence and resilience, reflection and risk taking. All of these qualities will help your child help you as well during this interesting and challenging time!

We want to encourage both use of online resources which we use regularly throughout each year: Bug Club, Mathletics and Times Tables Rock stars (please ask your class teacher for your child’s log in if needed) alongside recommended educational websites as well as jottings in the exercise book your child has brought home with them.


Please note:

1) This is not home schooling. This is, at best, remote learning. Our teachers are trying to plan (at very short notice!) what they can so your child can, with minimal guidance, get on and try their best with a Maths activity, English task and some topic work each day – roughly in line with the main topics which due to be covered this term for their year group.

2) As a school, we feel that it is up to you as parents as to how much your child engages with. You know what is best for them in this unusual situation that we find ourselves in. That is your right. There is nothing to stress or feel guilty about.

3) We totally understand how difficult it is to keep a child occupied whilst trying to work from home at the same time (several of our teaching staff are trying to do this too). Your main focus has got to be your job. We do understand and if there are certain types of activities you find easier to keep your child busy with, let us know and we can help plan for this to support you anyway we can. Just get in touch through Class Dojo.

4) Our teachers are sending home many different suggestions and ideas about tasks but welcome any feedback from this first week so they can judge how much families require.

5) In the normal class situation there’s a wide range of levels in all subjects, there’s different paces and there are many children working on differentiated levels of work. Your child just needs to do what they can from home. Don’t worry. If they can do bits independently then encourage this as much as possible. Older siblings can help younger children and there are plenty of activities all children within a family can complete together -such as cooking, reading stories, free writing and exercise.


Our ideal for the children in our school:

  • A bit of reading every day (independent/ to them/ audiobook /Bug Club)


  • Some free writing now and then. If they’ll keep a diary or something, great – this is living history – they just need to jot down a few key moments each day and keep it forever!


  • Practical hands on maths. E.g. cooking, cleaning, outside or some maths games, board games or Mathletics/ Times Tables Rock stars.


  • Project work/researching (often History/Geography based).


  • Physical exercise every day.


  • Some art/music/DT/RE where possible through the week.


  • Some fine motor work. Lego, cutting, playdough, tidying up small toys, weaving.


  • If younger, lots of imaginative free play, the more independent the better.



The work you are already doing to support your children through this stressful time is enough. If they can dip in and complete some of the tasks set by their teacher that’ll be great and will keep their learning ticking over but please, it is up to you how much/how little. Our teachers will respond to you regularly and can work with you to support your child.


Thank you again for all your support.