Election Fever at Christ Church!

On Monday 18th November 2019, Christ Church held our own election. Children in Year 4 had worked for 3 months on completing various tasks including creating their own political parties, writing manifestos, writing and filming party political broadcasts and creating bunting and other decorations designed to advertise their party to the rest of the school.

On election day the children from year 4 canvassed their peers on the playground during morning break, and then in the afternoon they manned the polling station and carried out the counting of votes.

The children were incredibly proud of their efforts, and it was great to see the whole school buzzing with Election Fever!


Children voting at the ballot box.

Year 4 children taking names and handing out ballot papers.

Crowd control in the corridor leading to the Polling Station

Staff and pupils from Year 3 queuing up to vote.

Miss Joslin exercises her democratic right.

Noah guarding the ballot box.

Lily-May and Sienna get ready to mark the names of the next group of children.

Mr Ball casting his vote.