Feedback from our Parents / Carers – THANK YOU!

  • Thank you Mrs Hayes  for the email and information and thank you and the rest of the teachers in Christ Church school. You’re doing a great job and you’re fantastic. We will see you in next 3 days and then it will  be end of the school season.  Have a lovely summer holiday and then we’ll see you in September, thank you very much.
  • I wanted to email (as a parent,) to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Christ Church for the amazing homeschooling provision during this lockdown period. I’ve spoken to numerous parents from other schools who have received little or almost no provision during this time. When I’ve told them about class dojo and the teaching and learning that has taken place they’re completely amazed. I think it’s important to acknowledge what a fantastic job has been done!
  • Equally, a  huge thank you for the provision for children returning to school. It’s incredible how the changes have been implemented and the home schooling provision has continued.
  • Hope you all have the best summer! You’re the best bunch of teachers/staff anybody could wish for to help raise & grow their children. See you all in September x
  • thank you for being such an amazing school
  • Wishing you all a very happy and relaxing break, after such a stressful time these last few months.
    Thank you to all the staff also for giving Immie and Daniel such a happy and solid education for all these years. They have both loved their time with you and I, as a granny , can’t thank you enough for their emotional, social and spiritual education especially.
  • Tomorrow term ends and with that comes the end of my family’s time at Christ Church.
    I’ve been thinking (and struggling) to find the right words to convey our gratitude and appreciation for the teaching, support and community that comes alongside attending this wonderful school. I think what sets Christ Church aside from other schools, is the passion, enthusiasm and dedication that all staff have; how welcoming and warm you all are to parents and children alike; how this is very much a family. You have all given Imogen and Daniel the best possible start in life, moulding them not only educationally, but morally and emotionally too. We are sad to be saying goodbye.
    I can’t really believe that tomorrow marks the end of Daniel’s primary school years, whilst pretty much all of the staff at Christ Church have been hugely impactful on his progression, I’d like to send particular thanks to a few members of staff who have unknowingly changed his, and consequently our whole family’s, lives:
    Amanda Fairless: This has been such a tough year for everyone and has been particularly emotional for Daniel. Amanda has been consistently supportive and proactive throughout this time. Sending Daniel individual video messages when he was especially struggling, providing achievable work and constructive feedback religiously, communicating with me and Daniel easily and effectively. She has helped Daniel mature and become much more independent and has given him the confidence to grow and discover the type of person he wants to be. No mean feat with Daniel!
    Garry Saunders: Garry has probably had the biggest impact on Daniel throughout his time at school. His gentle encouragement and support has built Daniel’s confidence massively. Thanks to Garry, Daniel is prepared to try new things, work as part of a team, express his emotions in a constructive way and to believe in himself. I was so very concerned about how Daniel would cope with moving to secondary school, but I now feel he is much more prepared – a lot of this is thanks to Garry.
    Rowan Coates and Katie Green: Both Rowan and Katie have been so warm and understanding throughout both Imogen and Daniel’s time at Christ Church. They are kind, welcoming, helpful and hugely efficient. It’s never a concern when contacting the school, asking for information or even support. Both children have felt comfortable and supported by them. Making each child and parent feel important and worthwhile is not easy in a school this size, yet they manage it effortlessly. It’s special and so appreciated.
    I’d also like to thank Susi Singh and Russell Thorne for what has outwardly seemed like a smooth transition when taking over head-ship. The opportunities they have given the children: forest school, trips, visitors, crafts etc since taking over as heads have been particularly appreciated by both myself and Daniel. I also really liked their decision to split the year 6 cohort into 3 classes – more opportunity, intensive learning and support has been so valuable in his final year.
    You all really do make every child feel special and unique.
    I know this year is not what any of us wanted. This is certainly not the end of Primary I envisaged for Daniel. I would like to thank you all for your hard work throughout lockdown through to now. The half term packs that you sent out to each child were thoughtful, the regular updates were useful, the supportive messages were touching. Whilst Daniel’s leavers year was not traditional, the fact that he has been able to come back and enjoy some of those memorable ‘leavers moments’ has been brilliant. He has come home today, after the ‘Look What I Can Do Book’ and sports awards presentation, positive and happy. The little touches, like the ‘Class of 2020’ picture have meant alot too. Thank you.
    Daniel, Imogen and I wish you all a wonderful, restful summer holiday. Thank you for everything.