Globetrotters Stunning Starter

This term, we will be looking at the continent of Africa in our Learning Adventure. As part of our stunning starter, we looked at unidentified wooden items from Sierra Leone and had to suggest ideas about what they could tell us about that country. Another activity was to look at letters written to our school from children in Sierra Leone – we thought that they were very artistic! We also showed what we already know about continents by labelling and sticking them to a blue balloon to represent the globe. One of the activities was to investigate using an atlas. To link with our wider theme of Globetrotters, we were challenged to learn how to say hello in as many different languages as possible.  We noticed that some languages have a very similar way of saying hello. At another table, we looked at photographs and were asked to say which were of Africa – at the end we discovered that they were all of Africa. Finally, we had an opportunity to share the connections that we have with other places around the world and where we would like to visit in the future.

Written by Pearl Class