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3 April 2020

Dear Friends,

Still in ‘lockdown’ we have to find other ways of celebrating Holy Week.  I am attaching a copy of the Palm Sunday booklet for you to use as you wish.

Each day in Holy Week we follow Jesus on his way to the Cross.  If you look in the booklet you will see listed the readings that are read at Mass from Monday to Wednesday.  The readings from Isaiah about God’s suffering servant give us an insight into Jesus’s self-understanding.   The final song of the servant is read on Good Friday.  On Maundy Thursday Jesus creates a new Israel with a new covenant and a new law.  ‘This is my blood of the new covenant, shed for you and for many, so that sins may be forgiven’ – so that there may be shalom, peace.   And a new law: ‘This is my commandment, “Love one another.”’   On Friday we ask: how does the suffering and death of one man bring life for the whole world?   We look at how Jesus changes our understanding of who God is.  With the reading of the Passion according to St John we explore more deeply the meanings to which the Cross point.  On Saturday evening we see the Passover – the passing over from old religion to new, the new exodus, passing from slavery to freedom.  On Sunday we suddenly understand what has happened.  With St John we see and we believe, because we have faithfully followed Jesus as he makes his way from Bethany on Palm Sunday to Golgotha on Good Friday and the new tomb.

We will again stream our Sunday Mass live at 10.30am on Sunday via Facebook Live. The link to see this is: https://www.facebook.com/ChChStLeonards/     We’ve had feedback that many have been able to watch the live streamed Mass on Facebook without having to sign up; however some have said that they are prompted to sign up.  We think that it may help if you copy and paste the link  https://www.facebook.com/ChChStLeonards/ into your browser address bar rather than simply clicking on it.  Also, if you’re prompted to sign up to Facebook upon coming onto the page, there’s an option you can click called ‘not now’.

We hope that we can stream the Rosary on Wednesday at 10 am, the Maundy Thursday Mass at 6.30 pm on Thursday and the Liturgy on Friday at 3.00 pm.  The video will also be saved there so that you can watch it again if you miss it.  You may not be able or not wish to watch but the enclosed service booklet should enable you to pray and reflect in your own time.   This is a time of retreat, enforced, admittedly, rather than freely chosen, but nevertheless a time that can be used fruitfully.

We hope that you are keeping well.   The clergy remain available (contacts on the back of the service booklet) and I know that we have already been able to contact some of you by telephone.

With our prayers,

Yours in Christ,

+ Peter


2nd April 2020

A message from Bishop Peter:

Sadly with the latest Government restrictions we now have to keep the Church building locked, when I know that many have been appreciating the opportunity to come in to pray and reflect.    While we cannot worship in church, and above all miss celebrating the eucharist together, there is a rich tradition in the Church of other forms of devotion.   I thought we should share over the coming weeks some of these other spiritual resources which the Church has.  So attached are a simple way of meditative prayer and what is called the ‘Examen’: a chance to review the events of the day (or lack of them) firstly with thanksgiving and then remembering what emotions we had as we recalled each event.  I hope you will find at least some of them of use to you.

Please also following the links below for Prayer Resources at home:

Many thanks


Welcome to Christ Church (Church of England) Primary & Nursery Academy.

The school has always been a vital part of the mission and life of the Parish of Christ Church, St Leonards on Sea. The foundation stone was laid, on the original site next to Christ Church, on 4th June 1872, and the school opened on 24th March 1873. So, for 140 years this school has been serving the community.

Although much has changed in St Leonards during those 140 years, the need to educate, care for and nurture our children has not. Everyone at Christ Church considers it to be the greatest privilege to be entrusted with this responsibility.

Our Christian foundation and ethos underpins all that we do here. The day to day life and routine of the school is rooted in Christian prayer and worship. We seek, too, to live the Christian tradition of hospitality, welcoming all who come here in the name of Christ, whether they share our faith or not.

At a time of so much change and uncertainty, in education as much as elsewhere, we continue to keep out eyes fixed on Jesus. In following Him we have life in all its fullness. We believe that this is what education is ultimately about; growing into the fullness of life. As our school motto puts it, “learning to live together, together living to learn.”

It is my prayer that as your child is nurtured and develops throughout their time at Christ Church they will not simply learn all the necessary and important facts and figures, (and they will!), but that they will also know that they are part of a community that values and celebrates the unique gifts that each brings as a gift of God Himself.

I very much look forward to meeting you in the playground soon.

Fr Luke Irvine-Capel

Parish Priest


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