VE Day home learning

Look at this super home learning all about one of our year 5 pupils’ great grandfather. Remember this Friday 8th May marks 75 years since VE Day, look out for more information about this day on class dojo!

This is their work translated in English – My grand grandad Rear Admiral -Victor Stepanov went to the war straight from a Millitary school as a Leitenant. As a Marine he was fighting at sea. He started at Caspian sea when the war started and finished at Japanese sea at 1946. He wasn’t even 20! He got many different medals. One of the most important is a Order of the Red Star for Courage and Personal Courage. He came back alive and healthy! He never liked to talk about the war but 9 of May (VE day in Soviet Union) always was a big celebration for our family, started with a big parade, fireworks and then big family gathering after. I am very proud of my grand grandad! Thank you grandad for the Victory and a future without nazis.